Save America’s Wildlife

Goal: Save species from extinction by protecting their habitats and defending the laws that keep them safe.





Nowadays, a lot of people are struggling with critters. It's true that some homeowners let the critters go out of the property  but in the meanwhile our house is suffering significant and expensive damage.


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Why You Should Get Rid Of Wild Animals In Your Attic ASAP

Animals are moving from place to place in search of new shelter and food almost all the time. Your home has all what animals want, especially the attic as they can get access to it from the outside, through the roof or any gaps in your walls. Sooner or later, these wild animals in your home will start causing trouble, which will mean a headache for you!



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Biohazard Clean Up 

When we refer to wildlife animals, there are some dangers and hazards you may face, depending on each animal, of course. Along with animals can come a lot of diseases. For instance, bats can be carriers of rabies and their droppings can carry spores, which cause histoplasmosis.

Also, raccoons carry rabies and parasitic roundworms that might be harmful or even deadly for humans and pets. Our team of experts specialize in dealing with and cleaning biological matter to ensure your home is free from environmental risks.